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May 2-4, 2025

Downtown Philadelphia

Volunteer Application

Volunteer as:
Command Crew Volunteer, Lower Decks Volunteer, or Talent Handler

Talent Handlers:

From celebrity escorts to managing autograph sessions, become the go-to person for our star guests, making sure they have everything they need for a stellar convention experience.

Command Crew Volunteers:

Lead a squad of volunteers, overseeing crucial areas ensuring a smooth flow from one event to the next.

Lower Deck Volunteers:
Be the friendly face and helping hand to attendees, managing lines, assisting with registrations, and ensuring everyone has a fantastic time!

How to Apply

Reach for the stars and become an integral part of our team! Express your interest by clicking the apply now button and completing your application. 


  • your desired role

  • statement of interest

  • previous convention experience

  • contact information

  • emergency contact

  • availability.

*Remember, mandatory training and orientation will gear you up to make the most of this galactic adventure.

Full Responsibilities In Detail

Command Crew Volunteers

  • Team Leaders are responsible for a group of volunteers assigned to your area of responsibility as outlined below.


Lower Deck Volunteers

  • Registration and Information Desk

  • Assist with attendee Registration; direct attendees to registration; staff the information desk.


Main and Secondary Panel Room

  • Assist with panelist entry and setup; clear room between panels; ensure persons with disability locate disability seating; and ensure First Contact seating is maintained.


Autographing Line Management

  • Ensure the lines are formed properly; detect and stop line jumping; and cap lines based on the direction of the Talent Handler guidance.


Photo Ops Line Management

  • Ensure the lines are formed properly; detect and stop line jumping.


Away Missions Setup and Execution

  • Room setup and coordination with the Away Team manager.


Evening Gala and Diversity & Inclusion Award Ceremony

  •  Setup, Assist with ushering, and clearing.

  •  Award coordination

Talent Handlers 

  • ​Celebrity Non-Disclosure


Celebrity Assignment

  • Contingent on requirements from the celebrity representative or agent

  • Meet and begin escorting them at the designated arrival point.

  • Ensure they are aware and still on their schedule for autograph, photo and away mission times.

  • Assist with the tick sheet for tracking their autograph sales.

  • Direct and guide attendee walk-up to autograph table.

  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Command Crew

  • Attend an evening before walk-through.
    [This is Mandatory]


Celebrity Green Room

  • ​Ensure only permitted celebrity and panel guests enter the green room space.

  • Monitor for any celebrity needs.

  • Contact GIS staff for a celebrity’s needs.

  • Staff the Green Table outside the room.

Volunteer Perks

One to Three-Day Volunteering:

Tailor your volunteering stint to fit your schedule, and reap benefits like convention access, celebrity photo vouchers, autograph vouchers, and exclusive convention T-shirts.

Talent Handlers:

Enjoy the behind the scenes experience including a photo-op, an autograph and a selfie when working full time!

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