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May 2-4, 2025

Downtown Philadelphia

Vendors, Exhibitors, and Crew


The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win – airpower anytime, anywhere. Whether full time, part time, volunteer, in or out of uniform, everyone who serves plays a critical role in helping us achieve mission success.  Services include Air Force Active Duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Air Force Civilian Service, Air Force Auxiliary.

Philadelphia Police Department LGBTQ Liaison Committee

The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) people who work, live in or visit Philadelphia. Representatives will be present to talk about available services, partnerships and information about the department’s LGBTQ+ liaisons.

In the fall of 1978, a small group of fans got together and formed the Star Trek Association of Towson. The following July (1979), the first Shore Leave was held at Towson State College (now Towson University) as a one-day convention. In 1980, Shore Leave II was held as a three-day convention at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn.  After 41 years, we re-incorporated as a 501(c)7 organization. We are now known as the STAT Club of Maryland, Inc. We remain a group of about 50 fans drawn together by our love of science fiction and science fact, coming from all walks of life, occupations, and educational backgrounds. We are all volunteers who work from September to July every year to put together our annual meeting – Shore Leave. We are actively looking for new members and volunteers, and we would look forward to welcoming you into our organization. Please think about joining us as active members. Our monthly meetings are hybrid, so even if you live far away and can’t travel to meet us, you can still participate via Zoom

STAT Club of Maryland named its convention after the original Star Trek series episode “Shore Leave.” The episode featured Kirk and his crew taking R&R liberty in an alien race’s amusement park, where visitors were free to escape the problems and worries of 23rd Century living and instead, “play,” by experiencing or re-living their fondest fantasies. We wanted to provide a similar opportunity to fellow Trekkers—a chance to briefly escape the problems and concerns of the 21st Century and, instead, have fun.

The STAT Club of Maryland and the Shore Leave Convention

If you would like to know more about STAT Club of Maryland, Inc., and Shore Leave, or would like to join, please feel free to contact us at: STAT Club of Maryland, Inc. / Shore Leave, PO Box 6809, Towson, MD 21285-6809, Web: and

Aether Objects

Aether Objects based in New Jersey, crafts unique dice for your favorite tabletop RPGSs. Each piece is personal, its own unique sculpture. Art as Dice as Art.

Amanda Glover Illustration

I create hand drawn line and wash whimsical animal designs inspired by the natural world and the sci-fi genre.

Product: Specializing in prints, stationery items (cards and journals, stickers, sticker books, and key chains using my original artwork.

DULCE Candles

Based out of Upper Darby, PA, DULCE Candles is a local Philadelphia candle company, specializing in unique designs that amaze the eyes with the lifelike designs.  Don’t accidentally eat these beautiful candles are so lifelike.  They are as much art as they are practical.  A reviewer wrote, “these candles aren't just beautiful to look at, they smell amazingly delicious!”  Find us here:

The Companion: Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom - The Book

Our mission at The Companion is to uplift a fan community in a world that has become increasingly lonely. We have an ambitious goal: To create 1 million life-changing memories for 1 million fans, Every three months, our Livestream Events: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom have become incredible touchstones for our community. Members have sent in touching stories ranging from grief to triumph but it’s been impossible to share them all, and we know there are so many more stories to share.

Amanda Tapping and The Companion present the first-ever: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom: The Book.  Come see us to learn more during D&I Con.

Find us here:

Mego Corp

With over 50 years of experience in the toy industry Mego continues its legacy of creating licensed products (including action figures and toys) for collectors and fans across the Alpha Quadrant. Mego was the first to bring licensed Star Trek action figures and playsets to market in the 1970’s.  Warp speed ahead to 2024 and Mego continues their iconic voyage with the next generation of Star Trek action figure enthusiasts! Be sure to also follow us @MegoCorp on all our social media channels!  #MakeMineMego


EXOLANSIS is queer woman owned and operated, creating pieces of wearable fandom! Inspired by my own love for sci-fi, global pop culture, and fashion- I’m always looking for ways to incorporate my fandoms in my daily outfits and cosplays. I handcraft unique acrylic earrings, enamel pins, and ITA bags that are the perfect addition to any cosplay or for adding that special fandom flare to any outfit!
Product: Specializing in handcrafted acrylic earrings and jewelry inspired by anime, sci-fi, and global pop culture!


One-woman crafty company. And I’m THRILLED you chose my neighborhood for your first con!

Product: Geeky handmade candles and bags with a focus on Trek, doctor who, bookish stuff, and game of thrones. My candles are displayed and sold in containers.

This is me:
Check out my Etsy Shop
—though most of my geeky stuff I’d for sale at cons only.


MYNTH by Lynn

MYNTH by Lynn is a Queer Woman Owned Fashion and Accessories Shop featuring handmade original and fandom-inspired work with color and collage at the root of all designs.

Products: Specializing in hand-sewn T-shirts, Scrunchies, Embroidery Patches, and more!

Sewn by Shannon

Sewn by Shannon is proud to share with you handmade sewn items in Star Trek and other geeky fabrics. Over 40 years of sewing shows in the skill and care taken in crafting each item. You may also know Shannon as Lwaxana Troi if you have attended some Star Trek conventions over the past 8 years. 

 Check out my Etsy Shop 

Most of my geeky stuff is only for sale at in person conventions.

Product: Hawaiin Shirts, Jackets, Hair Scrunchies, Bow ties, Bowl Cozies, Coffee Cozies, Pocket Tissue Packs, Sleep Masks and More!

Snark and Fandoms

One stop shop for all things fandom! From Discworld to Mandalore something for everyone!
Product: embroidered bags, wall art, key fobs

Toy Reaper LLC

Representation matters! Queer owned and operated pop culture mobile store with New Jersey Headquarters. Find us on Instagram!

IG: toy_reaper

Specializing in vintage, retro, modern toys, collectibles and memorabilia with a “family” flair. Exhibiting at conventions, fairs and shows across the US.

Product: Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Superhero, Marvel, DC, Transformers, TMNT, MLP, Barbie, Thundercats, GI Joe, GPK, Power Rangers, Lego, Funko Pop, Disney and more.

Threads of Pride

Threads of Pride is a LGBTQ owned and operated small business making clothing and gifts that are nerdy and inclusive for everyone and everybody.

Product: Clothing for adults and children, RPG Gaming accessories, nerdy and pride themed jewelry.


Art and architecture firm with a focus on sci-fi and gaming designs.

Product: Laser cut wood and plexiglass pop art models that range from simple pins to wall mounted art pieces.

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