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May 2-4, 2025

Downtown Philadelphia

Vendor Application

How to Apply

Join us in carving out a space of inclusivity, diversity, and celestial wonder!

Your journey to the stars begins here!

If you would like a table, please visit

EARLY Bird Pricing Ends on July 31, 2024

With the following information:
2024 VENDOR Application requirements:

  • First Name:

  • Last Name:

  • Email:

  • Business Name:

  • Website: http://

  • Business Description:

  • Business Sale Items:

*Please note that local and state sales tax will be charged for all booths purchased in accordance with Pennsylvania State tax laws.
*Choice of the specific location of vendor booths/tables will be offered in order of completed applications and finalized payment. Floor plan subject to change depending on convention needs with as minimal changes to chosen selections as possible.


Vendor booths are for all three (3) days of the convention:

May 2- May 4, 2025

Large Booth Vendor Cost Breakdown:

  • DISCOUNTED Price until July 31, 2024 - $450

  • Regular Price is $495

The cost of your booth(s) will each include the following:

  • One (1) 12’ x 12’ booth

  • Two (2) tables measuring 6’ x 2.5

  • Three (3) chairs.

  • Three (3) passes to the convention (Standard 3-Day Passes).

  • 6' Vendow Table:


Small Booth Vendor Cost Breakdown:


  • DISCOUNTED Price until July 31, 2024  - $250

  • Regular Price is $295


The cost of your table(s) will each include:

  • One (1) 6’ x 6’ space.

  • One (1) table measuring 6’ x 2.5’

  • Two (2) chairs.

  • Two (2) passes to the convention (Standard 3-Day Passes).


The following days and times are available for booth set-up:

Thurs. 5/1 from 3PM – 7PM

Fri. 5/2 from 8AM – 10AM

  • If you have any special requests for differing set up times, please contact us about
    arrangements to get you taken care of


  • Please note on the application form any special racking or disp
    lay units that might need
    approval or special consideration for mapping purposes for your table or booth spacing needs.



The Vendor’s room will be open to all attendees during the following hours:

Fri. 5/2 from 10AM – 6PM
Sat. 5/3 from 9AM – 6PM
Sun. 5/4 from 9AM – 5PM

By purchasing a table, vendor agrees to hold ‘D&I Con’ and any of its production partners harmless from any loss/damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at its events. Vendors may not 'sublet' their space to other companies or person. Vendor room is watched by security or locked by the facilities security, during non-event hours. ‘D&I Con’ takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen during the convention, pre and post open to the public time. It is up to vendor to carry their own insurance for their inventory. Vendor tables are non-refundable.

‘D&I Con’ reserves the right to deny vendor access to any event, prior to or during the
convention, if they feel that participation by a group or individual will harm the event or our organization in any manner. ‘D&I Con’ will be the final arbiter in these instances.


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