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April 19-21, 2024

Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel

  • What is the location of the convention
    Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel 201 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Where to purchase admission tickets?
    Visit our page on Eventbright for our admission and away mission tickets.
  • Where do I purchase photo ops and autographs?
    Photo Ops and Autographs sales will go live by Monday March 18, 2024. You can purchase them online at
    Convention Tickets All tickets purchased for our conventions are non-refundable. However, in the event of a cancellation, Gaaays in Spaaace (D&I Con) will, at its discretion, either provide a full refund or offer credits equal to the full value of the ticket purchases for a future convention, subject to ticket availability and pricing structure. It's important to note that guests and events are subject to change. For updates, please visit the D&I Con Home Page. Gaaays in Spaaace (D&I Con) is not responsible for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by convention venues. All dates, venues, and guests are considered tentative and are subject to change. Merchandise For our Domestic US and Canadian customers, any merchandise damaged in transit is fully refundable within 30 days of shipment, provided the damaged goods are returned to Gaaays in Spaaace (D&I Con). For our international customers (excluding Canada), a 60-day return policy from the date of shipment is in place for either a refund or credit towards a future purchase. The exact shipping cost incurred in returning the damaged merchandise will also be refunded. Gaaays in Spaaace is the final authority on this refund policy. ALL in person D&I CON sales are final and non-refundable. Gaaays in Spaace is the final authority on this refund policy.
  • First Aid Locations
    Front Desk Security Office Meeting Services Office Banquet Office
  • AED Stations
    Front Desk Fitness Center (3rd flr) Ballroom Level (next to restrooms)
  • Can I record and/or take photos of talent during the event?
    Unless you are informed otherwise for specific activities, such as professional photo ops, you are welcome to take photos and brief videos for your personal use and to share on social media. When you share, please tag us using #DNICon2024! However, you are prohibited from live streaming any part of the convention, and you are prohibited from publicly sharing convention video or audio recordings that are longer than 1 minute. You are entering an area where photography and audio and video recording will occur. Your entry and presence on the convention premises, as well as your presence at convention-related events, constitutes your consent to be photographed or otherwise recorded. In consideration for being admitted, you consent to the release, publication, exploitation, exhibition, and reproduction of all recorded media of your image, likeness, and voice for any purpose whatsoever, in all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity and without compensation, by Gaaays in Spaaace and its successors, assigns, and licensees. By entering the convention premises or attending convention-related events, you waive and release any claims you may have related to the use of photography or other recorded media of you at the convention or convention-related events. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not enter the convention premises and do not attend convention-related events.
  • GIS Code of Conduct
    · Be respectful and constructive in your interactions; harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. · Absolutely no hate speech; we have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. · Rules are guided by common sense; loopholes that violate the spirit of these guidelines will be enforced upon. · Respect property, fans, guests, and staff; follow staff directions and decisions. · Fulfill your duties responsibly and inform management if you can't meet your commitments. · Handle conflicts calmly and seek staff assistance when necessary. · Do not make official statements on behalf of GIS.
  • Harassment
    At GIS, enforcing our Anti-Harassment Policy is a priority. If you witness or hear of harassment, immediately report it to GIS leadership for appropriate action. Your vigilance is crucial for maintaining a safe environment. Verbal: Such behaviors are considered forms of harassment and are unacceptable. Report instances of catcalling, sexist, transphobic, homophobic comments, offensive questioning of panelists, or instances of gaslighting, to GIS leadership immediately for appropriate action. Physical: All these actions are severe forms of harassment. Immediately report any incidents of inappropriate or aggressive touching, groping, leering, unauthorized photography, or other non-consensual behaviors to GIS leadership. Harassment can come from any individual present, regardless of their role or condition. If you witness or are told about a harassment incident and the individual responsible is still in the vicinity, it's crucial that you do not engage with the harasser directly. Promptly alert GIS leadership, who will in turn notify Sheraton Security to handle the situation. If no staff or security are immediately available, dispatch a runner to the nearest security station while keeping a visual on the harasser from a safe distance. Make sure to communicate your actions to another Crew member. If you must leave your designated area to maintain observation on the harasser, ask another Crew member to accompany the victim to the Security Office. Should the harasser not be present when the harassment is reported, kindly escort the victim to GIS Staff or the Security Office where professional help will be provided. If the victim is hesitant to file a report, still inform staff providing the harasser’s description and details of the incident. Your role as a volunteer or talent handler is critical in sustaining a safe, inclusive environment at the convention. Each report contributes to a safer space for all attendees.
  • Avoid Conflict
    If you witness an altercation or see someone with a weapon, your priority is to alert GIS Staff and Security. Do not engage directly in potentially dangerous situations. Use your radio to immediately call for help or locate a posted Security Officer, who should be available at key points like entrances and exits. All weapons are prohibited inside the convention center except for on-duty, uniformed security officers. If you spot someone with a weapon, do not approach. Instead, radio for staff or security, keep visual contact on the individual, and make note of their appearance for reporting purposes. If neither staff nor security are nearby, and you don't have a radio, instruct another Crew member to seek assistance. You may leave your duty station to maintain observation on the individual carrying a weapon but ensure to keep a safe distance. Cosplay prop weapons must adhere to our Cosplay and Costume Weapons Policy. Attendees with approved prop weapons will go through a Weapons Check booth and receive an identifying zip-tie or ribbon. This identification will change in color each day, and the relevant information will be posted in the Crew Room.
  • Emergencies and 911
    Safety and comfort are our top priorities. If you feel uncomfortable or encounter issues that need escalation, promptly seek assistance from any GIS/DNICON Staff member or a Sheraton representative. For an immediate life threatening situation for which time is critical, please contact 911.
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